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We are pleased to announce the addition of Do Kim as a Controls Engineer. His background and experience in utility control systems will be a strong addition to Stone’s engineering team.

Do has over 13 years’ experience utility control systems, PLCs, CADs, Circuit designs. He has experienced controls system with the world’s biggest semi-conductor industry “Samsung, Hynix” in South Korea, US. Recently, He has implemented migrating control system from AB PLC to Siemens PLC with no-system shutdown in Samsung Austin Semiconductor.

Do has a strong background of analysis and design, development in field hardware including PLC hardware, circuits, instrument, Motor Control Center, Field bus communications, and PLC programming. Do will further his career growth at Stone by continuing to push the technology envelope to deliver innovative solutions.

Do lives in Austin metro, Texas with his wife, two of children. He likes to go to pubs or a craft beer house to taste a great number of local beers in weekend dinner which he loves doing it in his life.

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