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Industry Experience

We have grown our resources and technologies to best serve our focus industries because we “live and breathe” their processes. One of our value adds is applying that process domain knowledge.

Food and Beverage/Consumer Product Goods
Many of our projects have been performed for food and beverage clients in ready to eat cereal, meat processing, dairy, confections, beer, and baking.

Life Sciences 
The unique processes and FDA requirements for pharmaceutical manufacturing require a very thorough methodology for control system design and implementation. We have developed standards that insure a high-quality, validatable system. Our experience includes control of chemical batching systems, medical device manufacturing, autoclaves, and WFI systems.

Specialty Chemical
Providing systems in the chemical industry requires special attention to human safety and managing hazardous materials. This requires special instrumentation and systems to deal with materials that are combustible, toxic, or corrosive at extreme temperatures and/or pressures. We have provided systems in chemical plants for unloading and storage of hazardous materials, chemical processing, safety systems, and emergency shutdown systems.

Batch Management
We have implemented numerous flexible batching systems for the consumer products, beverage, food, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical industries.

Brewing Industry
Stone has a long history of working for the brewing industry, providing automation and information solutions to produce high-quality beer, efficiently and flexibly, while maintaining the craft in brewing.

General Manufacturing
Our experience in general manufacturing includes a wide variety of industry experience in discrete manufacturing.  The processes include automated assembly, error proofing, work in process tracking, automated data collection and genealogy, labor tracking, and automated inspection.

Packaging and Material Handling
Our packaging and material handling experience includes the design and implementation of the electrical and controls for high speed can and bottle lines, case and pallet conveyors, high speed sortation, multi-lane/multi-deck distribution systems, unitizers, bar code tracking, shrink wrappers, and interfaces to AGVs.

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