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Project Experience

We specialize in Process Control and MES/MOM project execution and have years of hands-on experience delivering these systems based on standard, state of the market software products from industry leaders to provide systems that meet the functional needs and are also supportable and scaleable.

Stone has successfully implemented significant Process Control projects including:

  • Global Distiller Batching projects
  • Tank Farm Automation and upgrades
  • Hydro Power SCADA Controls Implementations
  • Petfood Control System Upgrades
  • Cereal Line Re-controls and conversions
  • Home Care Line Control and Automation Projects
  • Margarine Batching and Control System implementations
  • Coffee Roasting Batching and Control System implementations
  • Chemical System Re-Controls
  • Brewing and Brew House Re-Controls
  • Batching management systems

We’ve¬†delivered thousands of Process Control and Automation projects.

We have successfully implemented significant MES/MOM projects including:

  • Data Historian Modeling and configuration projects
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and Down Time systems
  • Work-in-progress (WIP) and finished goods lot tracking
  • Batching management systems
  • KPI and production data collection and reporting
  • Plant floor scheduling systems
  • Quality systems
  • Plant To Enterprise (P2E) Interface Experience

In the last 20 years, StoneTek has delivered over 200 MES/MOM projects.

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