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“The boss is fine with us singing y’alls praises. Honestly, you’ve been the best systems integrator I’ve had the pleasure of working with.” – Donovan , Project Engineer

 “On behalf of the Product Supply team, I would like to pass on many thanks to all of you and your teams for the most amazing cut-over we have seen to date. It was amazing before the outage, and now it is one for the history books. Cut-overs and change impact management of this magnitude truly reflect the quality of people working to make it happen.” – Terry,  Director Information Systems – Food & Beverage Company

“Stone will do it right without the bureaucracy.”​ – Chris, Brewing Systems Technology, Brewing Company

“Even though the Plant Manager may complain about rates, your guys support of our controls system is well worth it’s weight in gold. Our plant had a 30 minute power outage in middle of the night and the Level Controls didn’t come back up.  I called up David H. at about 2 am and he answered as if he was already awake and jumped up and got online to discover our PLC battery was dead and failed to hold the program.  He did the download and we were up and running again within the hour.” – Greg, Furnace Manager, Glass Bottle Manufacturer

“We have seen a substantial increase in productivity since the MES system was deployed at the facility. I appreciate all of the work that you guys have done.” – Michael, Plant Operations Manager, Baking Company

“Great work on Saturday. I was very impressed with how smoothly the programming was integrated into the system. You all certainly did your homework and it is appreciated.” – Scott, Utility Company

“I had a need to say this. After 35 years in software dev, most of it on your side of the fence in complex applications, I have to say that you and your group are very impressive in many ways. I am not blowing smoke here. That conclusion is quite valid. Take good care of those guys.” – Gus, Applications Systems Analyst, Pharmaceutical Company

“Stone performed outstandingly! We’ve gotten the phase 1 approved immediately based on those results. We previously discussed a second project so that we have two underway at any given time and I’d like to discuss that with you as well. “ – Hugh, Director of Reliability Integration and Plant Systems, Building Products Company

“The start-up went very well. No issues in production since the PLC download. All issues had been resolved during simulation providing for this great production startup. We finished our daily coverage last Friday, 10/18. Just tweaking a few BPA elements to make reporting complete and more consistent.” – Mike, Control Engineering

“Mike has been an incredible and valued asset to us in completing our Prod install, fighting fires and coming up with solutions with Johor as well as supporting our lines here. In addition to his help and guidance, he embraced our compliance and quality procedures which are just as important as the expertise he brings to the table. To top that off he has been nothing short of a pleasure to work with. Thank you Mike. You did more here to help us than I can express in more than the project you are working on.” – Gus, Manufacturing Systems and Support, Pharmaceutical Company

 “Thanks a lot Brad, Keith and the Stone team. It was just amazing working with you folks and I am sure just the beginning of a long trusted partnership! MII is a stunning technology and adding loads of values to so many customers in solving their problem. With our right implementation expertise coupled with your leadership, I strongly believe, we are on the verge of something amazing here! Most importantly, it gives us lot of satisfaction to help you achieve this super start on this domain, we so passionately involved with for long time now! Let there be more success to Stone and best of everything comes to both of you! Looking forward to it!” – Jay, Medical Device Company

In the course of pitching the accolades of Stone to a potential PM candidate, he stopped me and said that he was pretty sure he knew who I was talking about. When I asked who he thought it was, he responded, “Stone”.  We went on to describe your company as “the elite within the industry” and described your people as being the “best in the business”.” Paul, Search Specialist, Head Hunter

“I know it has been a long road getting here. Thanks for your determination and commitment to see this through. Your support is truly appreciated.” – Chris, Food & Beverage Company

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