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Industrial Networking and Cyber Security

Manufacturing Networks and the Security of their components and assets can’t be overlooked on the plant floor. The integration of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) provides value and a competitive edge by increasing reliability and enabling visibility to real-time operations. Plant floors need to operate with minimal downtime, while maintaining the highest levels of security to protect your valuable data. Our experienced, CISCO Certified team can help identify and address your plant floor network challenges and ensure that your valuable data remains secure.

Network Services:

  • Network assessment and documentation with remediation recommendations
  • Configuration of switches, routers, firewalls and control layer devices for optimal performance and security
  • Network installation support verification and commissioning

Security Services:

  • Scan network assets for potential vulnerabilities and existing security issues
  • Review IDMZ Firewall configurations and make recommendations on securing your plant floor environment
  • Ensure that best practice Cyber Security standards are called out throughout the plant floor network

The Industrial Network Assessment can identify network and security issues including:

  • Network redundancy and resiliency problems (Spanning Tree, Port channels, HSRP, REP, DLR, Flex Links etc…)
  • Security Risks and vulnerabilities (networking best practices, network device hardening, weak passwords)
  • Common communication problems with control devices (Excessive broadcast and/or multicast traffic, lack of segmentation, misconfigured network settings, ghost assets)
  • Evaluate network architecture and IP schema for future growth readiness
  • Outdated or compromised firmware/software

During the assessment, we document the plant control network as discovered and analyze device configurations and data to understand any issues that may exist on the network. Data logs and configuration backups of network infrastructure devices will be collected and organized. We also review network design and security against best practice standards and make recommendations for remediation of any issues that have been discovered. Once the assessment is complete, we will review high-level findings and items that may need more immediate attention and present a priority-based risk assessment solution for every issue found.

Contact us to learn more on how we can help you with your plant floor network challenges.

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