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The StoneTek Information Systems group is dedicated to delivering Smart Manufacturing solutions including Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) and information systems that enable the optimization of product and business work flows from order launch to finished goods.


StoneTek has been delivering these solutions since 1998 and has implemented over 120 systems for 24 clients in the last 5 years including:

Operations Management

  • Improves inventory velocity through increased visibility into actual material consumption, movements and inventory levels
  • Reduces production order lead time for rapid response to changes in demand by dynamic allocation of production assets and a more granular production
  • Reduces time-to-volume for new product introductions, including quick ‘change-overs’ between products and lines
  • Improves compliance and governance through complete electronic system records for ‘as planned’ and ‘as built’ information
  • Improves predictability of order fulfillment by monitoring ‘planned vs. actual’ production quantities for improved consistency in operational activities

Performance Management

  • Enable a customer to gain visibility to a variety of metrics that reveal critical information relevant to asset performance and continuous improvement


  • Operational KPI Dashboard
  • Real-time manufacturing data collection and reporting
  • Equipment availability and real-time capacity information

Enterprise Integration 

  • Improve production throughput and on-time delivery with more accurate, real-time information for production planning, execution and order fulfillment
  • Dispatch information and local production work order to actual resources on the plant floor/production facility
  • Utilize industry standards like ISA S95 for enterprise-to-control-system integration and production/manufacturing interoperability, for fast, low-risk and sustainable implementations

Our experienced consulting team and years of industry experience can help you create the road map to begin your Smart Manufacturing journey. Contact us to begin your journey.






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