Manufacturing analytics is a general term whose precise meaning often varies by context and specific application.  Stone Technologies uses the term analytics to describe solutions that generate insight from both historical and real-time data. Analytics may be used to identify patterns or relationships between sources of the data in order to facilitate better business decisions.

The set of solutions contains a wide variety of key performance indicators (KPI’s). contextualized data from many sources within both manufacturing and business systems, modeled view of production, and much more. As the maturity data context and system understanding increases, the solutions deliver higher business value. The focus is to deliver actionable information to support effective decision making.


Stone provides clients with a wide variety of solutions that fit into the analytics landscape from simple KPI visibility to asset based intelligent reporting which may be hosted on premise or remote. These solutions may include pattern recognition software, cloud based intelligence, and complex mathematical analysis tools among others.

It’s critical to understand the business and technical processes being monitored, as well as the tools and applications. We can assist with both through our team of experienced technical consultants, project managers, engineers and our established partners who are an extension of our capabilities.

Contact us to help you establish a roadmap for your analytical needs.


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